Image Protect got to Mars before Elon Musk

Eat Your Heart Out Elon Musk! Image Protect Got to Mars First


All right, all right… Technically speaking we didn’t actually get to Mars before Elon Musk but Image Protect technology is really taking off and we’re looking for a few good adventurers to take with us.

People always talk about blockchain projects taking off to the moon, but we’ve decided to aim higher and take our project to the Red Planet instead. So, if you’ve ever wanted to snap a sunset photo from Olympus Mons or take a selfie with a Mars rover, read further to see how Image Protect can take you there.


Image Protect: Taking You to Mars with Numbers

Image Protect provides a revolutionary approach to digital asset management. Instead of aggressively seeking out copyright violations, Image Protect uses IPShare™ technology to stop pirating at its source—downloading and sharing.

Our platform might not have Elon Musk’s rocket engines, but it’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is capable of giving content owners more control over who can use their photos. We’re not building a following. We’re building a colony.

More than 450,000 members and 35 million digital assets have joined the Image Protect revolution. That means there are almost as many assets on Image Protect as there are residents living in California.

But what does this have to do with Mars?

We’ve crunched the numbers and found that:

  • The average photograph is 1080 pixels wide, which equals 14.4 inches.
  • The distance from Earth to Mars is 33.9 million miles. That’s a whopping 2,147,904,000,000 inches or 1,073,952,000,000,000 pixels from your home to Mars.

That means there are currently 1,173,327,250,000 pixels protected by IPShare™.
In other words, we’ve already made it to Mars!


Sorry, Elon.


In addition to already converting 7.5 million images to IPShare™ format, we’ve also discovered 4,693,309 websites using images from our members. Between August and September, we’ll be replacing these pictures with IPShare™ images that don’t only protect the content owner, but also make it easier for images to be legally shared and monetized.

You Don’t Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Understand IPShare™ Technology

Image Protect works by converting photographs into a new, blockchain-driven format known as IPShare™ that embeds management tools directly into the photograph. This means that content owners can manage licenses, allow and restrict usage, and even embed advertisements into their pictures from our easy-to-use Image Protect platform.

Imagine the business possibilities if you could harness the power of ad revenue found on platforms like YouTube and Facebook in a single photograph. Image Protect takes it a step further, by also integrating your website links, image attribution, and other measures of photography protection directly into your image. Combine this with the IPTrack™ feature which uses sophisticated pixel recognition technology to track and locate your images as they appear online, and you’ve got a photography platform that puts the control back into the hands on the owners.

Journey with Us

Ready to become part of a new generation of content development? Hop on as we go to our next stop, Jupiter!

Visit the Image Protect website today. There, you can read our whitepaper to learn more about our project and how we plan on changing the way content is shared online. You can also learn how to participate in our ongoing toke presale. While you’re there, make sure to join our Telegram group to stay current with the latest news and events surrounding Image Protect.

Where we’re going, we don’t need spaceships.